Infrared heating solutions

About us

About HeaSoojus

HeaSoojus was the first on the Estonian market with infrared heating solutions, offering high quality heating equipment – infrared panels, radiant heaters (home and industrial), heating wedges, thermoregulators and air coolers. We are a company focused on innovative solutions and at every level of our business we always strive to satisfy our customers. We represent the most renowned product brands present all over the world.


The products offered by HeaSoojus are characterised by reliability, modern design, energy efficiency and compliance with EU directives.

What are we aiming for?

Our company’s aim is to constantly improve quality by offering the highest quality service and working to expand our offer. The proof of our efforts is a large customer base and customer satisfaction for 10 years.

Personalised advice on projects

All our customers have the opportunity to receive the appropriate project and training on which heating solution would suit them best. We will help you in the selection, design and implementation of heating installations.