Infrared heating solutions

Infrared heating

What is remote infrared?

The main feature of every Sundirect heater is the remote infrared heater. It works in the same way as a classic oven, being a higher temperature body that provides energy to a lower temperature body via electromagnetic radiation. Three different types of infrared are mainly considered: near infrared, mid-wavelength infrared and far infrared. Typically, near-infrared radiation emitters operate at high filament temperatures above 1800°C, mid-wave infrared radiation emitters operate at filament temperatures of around 1000°C and far-infrared radiation emitters operate at much lower temperatures of around 80°C to 120°C. The infrared emitters are typically of the near-infrared type, which is used to measure the temperature of the filament. Due to this key advantage, far-infrared technology is widely used in far-infrared saunas, infrared lamps and other healthcare systems, as well as in panel heaters offered by SUNDIRECT. As the heating elements are at relatively low temperatures, SUNDIRECT heaters do not produce emissions, dust, dirt, formaldehyde, toxic fumes from paint coatings, et

sundirect infrared raysThe future lies in infrared heaters. By operating at a surface temperature of around 80-120 °C, far infrared creates the most comfortable heating conditions without the risk of burns. The heating elements operate at relatively low temperatures, which means that SUNDIRECT far infrared heaters do not produce emissions, dust, dirt, formaldehyde, toxic fumes from painting, etc. In our climate, a good heating panel is essential in every home. Energy efficient and beautiful, an infrared heating panel is suitable for both supplementary and main heating in the home. Thanks to the infrared rays, the room is warmed up particularly pleasantly and evenly.

What is an infrared heating panel?

It is a thin panel that heats a room using far infrared radiation, like a live fire or a heated oven wall. The heat is distributed evenly throughout the room. The heating panel does not heat the air directly, but the air is heated by objects, objects such as the walls, ceiling, floor, other objects in the room. This way, the person feels the gentle warmth directly through their skin. As the panel does not heat the air directly, it does not affect the humidity level in the room. This means that a room with an infrared panel heater will have an evenly humid air and a uniformly warm temperature.SUNDIRECT skeem web 1Conventional radiators mainly heat the air. However, warmer air rises below the ceiling, leaving the floor and living area cooler. The temperature between the ceiling and the floor can be as low as seven degrees. The infrared panel distributes heat evenly throughout the room. It also reduces the feeling of cold air coming in from windows and the floor in cool weather. Infrared panels are energy-efficient – the accumulated heat cools more slowly than air. This means that the heating panel is up to 30-40% more energy efficient than a conventional electric radiator.

Optimum humidity is important

A heater that mainly heats the air while at the same time dehumidifying it. This can be bad for our health in cold weather. Air that is too dry is conducive to the spread of viruses. However, in a room that is properly humid (where humidity is around 30-40%), fewer viruses survive. In addition, dry air dries out our mucous membranes. This makes us even more susceptible to bacteria and viruses. Because the heating panel does not create air movement, dust does not circulate in the air. Because infrared radiation does not cause dust to circulate and does not dry out the air, it is an excellent heating solution for the allergy sufferer’s home. Contact lens wearers will also enjoy the room – the humid air prevents dry eyes.

Prevents mould

Damp and cold walls are often the cause of mould. Because the infrared panel heats objects directly instead of the air, including walls, the walls of the room stay warm and dry. This prevents mould from growing on the walls.Choose a panel for your home that fits in with the interiorThin panels fit well on the wall, ceiling, or even under the table. This makes them easy to install in tighter spaces.PE350 ART 600x454 1 e1690092560444You can choose a panel for your home that matches your interior. A heating panel can be in a calm light shade, black or even a marble pattern. Because the panel is evenly smooth, you can design a photo of your choice on its surface. That way, guests will never guess that it’s a heater. Infrared panels take up little space and are easy to install. The panel does not require any further maintenance.

  • There should be at least 60cm of free space in front of the panel, preferably more. As the panel radiates heat from the front, the heat is trapped behind objects that are too close.
  • Infrared heating panels are suitable for both supplementary and primary heating.
  • When calculating the heating requirement, calculate at least 50w=1m2. During the heating period, the panel will be on for an average of 8-10 hours per day. It can take 1-3 days to heat up a cool room. Be sure to include how the room is insulated.

In rooms heated with infrared heating, the temperature is evenly distributed. The radiant heat of infrared heating creates a cosy and constant room temperature.The radiators heat the air first, while the warm air rises by convection, leaving the floor and living areas cool. The temperature difference can be as much as 7 degrees Celsius.SUNDIRECT skeem web 1See also references of installed panels

Advantages of infrared heating

  • Infrared heating panels are energy efficient as they consume up to 30% less electricity compared to an electric convector.
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Has a very positive effect on the indoor climate.
  • Does not dry or burn the air.
  • People feel the warmth immediately.
  • Against humidity and mould
  • Heat does not have an intrusive effect.
  • Does not cause dust to circulate in the air (suitable for allergy sufferers).
  • Takes up little space. Installation on ceiling or wall.
  • Choose a photo, glass, mirror or white panel to suit your interior.
  • Thermostatically controlled.
  • Wifi option + app.