Infrared heating solutions

Energy calculator

For more information on installing an infrared panel radiant heater:

  1. Always round up the required power requirement, it is better to use a little more power than less.
  2. Always consider using a thermostat for optimum energy savings.
  3. For high ceilings (more than m3), we recommend the use of suspension cable BC002 to ensure that the heat radiation reaches the floor.
  4. When setting the desired room temperature, allow for a temperature reduction of about 2 degrees compared to convection heaters, we recommend about 20 degrees.
  5. If you are using our infrared heating panels for the first time, use the heaters without thermostat for the first 3 days. This will help to heat up the unheated space and greatly increase the efficiency of the system.
  6. Before using our panels, we recommend thoroughly checking your insulation and standards plans to optimize its efficiency.

Disclaimer: All the information and advice provided in our computer tool is for general guidance only.