Infrared heating solutions

Air cooler Brezza 125(∼30m²)

Brezza125 cooler, a good alternative for those who do not need air conditioning.Large water capacity (30l), high efficiency and significant energy savings for cooling different areas in the home/office, garden/terrace, outdoor cafes/restaurants, etc. Applications: outdoor air cooling (e.g.. TEMPERATURE REDUCTION IN AS LONG AS MINUTES, by 5°-7°C. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, HEALTHY AND POLLUTANTBrezza125 air cooler, which works with water and, unlike an air conditioner, can also be used outdoors! The cooler blows cool, pleasant air wherever the flow goes. The cooling effect comes from the natural evaporation of water, which cools the air.


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Antibacterial ultraviolet water sterilization device+ioniser. HJ evaporative air coolers are equipped with a UV lamp that sterilizes the water and prevents the formation of bacteria (such as legionella, etc.) and mould.Eliminates bad odours such as smoke, dust.The unit also acts as a humidifier to humidify rooms from dry air!

Air purification by ionisation

Beneficial for allergy sufferers: when the device is switched on to the ionisation mode, it emits an air stream of ions that are completely safe for your health. The ions emitted reduce pollen, viruses, dust, bacteria and odours in the air. Air pollutants and airborne particles attach to the electrically charged ions and are thus bound.

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