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Air cooler Brezza 80(∼200 m²)


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BREZZA 80 cooling unitHigh efficiency and significant energy savings in cooling rooms. Application: air cooling outdoors (e.g. on terraces), indoors with open windows. TEMPERATURE REDUCTION IN MAXIMUM MINUTES, by 5°-7° C. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, HEALTHY AND CLEAN Brezza evaporative air coolers are able to create a pleasant and comfortable microclimate in areas where people spend time. The cooling effect comes from the natural evaporation process of the water, which reduces the heat in the room.WARM COLD AIRAntibacterial ultraviolet water sterilizerBrezza evaporative air coolers are equipped with a UV lamp that sterilizes the water and prevents the formation of bacteria (such as legionella, etc.) and mould.

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Italso acts as a humidifier to humidify rooms from dry air!TECHNICAL INFORMATIONpage4image54804032page4image548376323 cooling panels on three sides + can be connected directly to the water tap (no need to use a water tank).

  • Air flow: 8000 m³/hrWater tank capacity: 80 litres – water consumption 5.3 l/hEnergy consumption: 450wCooling area: ∼ 180-200 m²Dimensions: cm 68 x 44 x 130(h)
  • Separate water hose connection, alternative to filling the water tank.
  • Timer: 1-24h

Fan- 3 speeds, 12m/s Touch-sensitive control panel Remote control Noise level- 62 dB Weight- 20.5kg Mobile, wheeledflussi aria rinfrescatoristarprogetti 002 1024x683 1

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