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Glass infrared heating panels HSG

Thanks to their distinctive and transparent design, these panels are suitable for any interior. Available in three sizes according to different kW, they are suitable for different rooms from 6 to 22 square meters. Design – Thanks to their transparency, HSG glass heaters are ideal for any interior. Energy saving – HSG glass belongs to the class of infrared heaters, known as one of the most economical heaters. Its energy consumption is 30% lower than a conventional convector heater.

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Heater with transparent glass and aluminium frame. Thanks to their special transparent design, these panels are suitable for all interiors. Three different sizes are available to suit different types of rooms from 6 to 22 square metres.Energy savingInfrared radiant heaters are considered one of the most economical types of heating. Its energy consumption is up to 30% less than that of an average convector electric radiator.Comfortable and healthy heatingInfrared panels emit a large amount of heat similar to the energy emitted by the sun. Instead of heating the air, infrared devices heat objects directly, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere in the room. People feel the warmth instantly and the heat is non-intrusive. Infrared heaters keep the air clean and do not cause dust to circulate in the air, which is also important for allergy sufferers.Reliability and environmental friendlinessInfrared panels have a long service life and a 5-year warranty. The unit can be in operation 24 hours a day. A thermostat can be fitted as an optional extra for better control of the heating panel. The mid-range heater is silent, does not emit vapours, does not burn oxygen, does not generate electromagnetic fields and does not cause dust to circulate in the air. Installation: not lower than 1.8m from the floor Compatible with any thermostat that regulates the air temperature by monitoring.

Energy saving – Environmentally friendly – Safe and comfortable – Maintenance free – Resistant to moisture and mould – Does not burn oxygen – Energy efficient – Does not dry the air and does not cause dust to circulate (suitable for allergy sufferers) – Slim design, saves space.


500, 1100, 1700

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