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Infrared heating panel PE380-Plus


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Product description– Energy saving – Environmentally friendly – Safe and comfortable – Maintenance free – Resists moisture and mould – Does not burn oxygen – Energy efficient – Does not dry the air and does not create dust (suitable for allergy sufferers) – Slim design, saves space– Can be ordered with picture (picture chosen by the customer)
Product featuresBuilt-in receiver– Product code: PE380-Plus – Dimensions: 30x120x2.2 cm – Power: 380W; – Surface Temperature: 85-100˚C – Lifetime: 100 000 hours – Overheat Protection: Yes – Weight: 4.3kg – IP: x2 – Cable Length: 1.6m – Mounting: wall/ceiling – ceiling frame must be purchased separately!
– Panel surface material: painted white aluminium – Panel frame: painted white aluminium – One remote control can control several panels at the same time if they are located in the same room.Wifi thermostat option!Heating area: 3-8m2When calculating the heating requirement, please calculate at least 50w per 1m2.

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