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Programmable wireless thermostat Smart 2.0

Battery/chargeable wireless thermostat-Smart2.0 Features 7-day heating programme Open window detection Adaptive start Sleep mode Child lock Temperature accuracy +/- 0.1 degrees Group control

ToideJuhtimineTemp, seadistusSuurusSagedusLevialaÜhilduvus
2x AA patareidJuhtmevaba 5-40°C86*123*20mm433MHz via RFKuni 35m Plus seeria paneelid


Monthly payment from 9 / 6 months
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The Sundirect Smart2.0 is a wireless remote control thermostat specifically designed to work with the built-in receiver of the Sundirect Plus range of infrared heating panels.With the Smart 2.0 control system, you now have full control over your heating and can proactively save energy with unique advanced features. Smart2.0 offers a smart heating mode that you can program 4 time periods for each day, 7 days a week. In addition, Smart2.0 has open window detection and adaptive start and sleep mode features that can help significantly save energy and reduce electricity bills. You can link one remote control to multiple panels in the same room and control them all at the same time. It can either be permanently fixed to the wall or used as a remote control. With our simple set-up design, you can connect to a built-in receiver in just minutes. The Smart 2.0 remote control runs on 2*AA batteries.Note. Smart2.0 only works with the Sundirect Plus range of infrared panel heaters.Model: Smart2.0 Dimensions: 86*123*20mm Colour: White Material: 0.1 degrees Frequency: 433MHz RF Control range: 35m without obstruction Control quantity: up to 10 panels at a time Heating program 7 day heating program, 4 periods per day Warranty 2 years You can download the user manual for the thermostat here Smart2. 0 thermostat user manual!Video how to connect the thermostat to the panel:

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