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Smart Plug wifi thermostat


Monthly payment from 6 / 12 months
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Smart Plug is a plug-in thermostat compatible only with the Sundirect Plus series of heating panels PE-Plus; IC-Plus and MD-Plus. With one Smart Plug thermostat you can also control several panels at the same time. A good solution for those who can’t run wires to a WiFi thermostat. Since the Smart Plug plugs into a power socket, there is no need to run separate power cables. The result is a wireless wifi thermostat that you can control over the internet using the Sundiretc Smart app screenshots 768x526 1 300x205 1Video how to connect the heating panel to wifi icon2 100x100 1Control over wifi for Android or IOS.24 7 icon 100x100 1Programming option for each day of the week.touchscreen icon 100x100 1Touch mode icon 100x100 1Sleep mode. Sleep mode. With a time line you can tell the thermostat how long you will be away from home. The thermostat will maintain the minimum temperature during this time.

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