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Category: Outdoor heaters
Power (kW) 8.2
Heating capacity range (kW) 4.9 – 8.2
Material Steel; glass
Fuel type propane-butane
  • Weight (kg)43.9
  • Width (cm)41.5
  • Height (cm)142.9
  • Depth (cm)41.5

Do you want to quickly transform your favourite garden, patio or balcony into something original and distinctive? Invest in a PATIO gas heater! It is not only a unique decoration, but also a heat source that can create a unique atmosphere! UNIQUE Especially for the most demanding customers, we have created a unique garden light. With minimalism and exceptional attention to every detail, PATIO draws attention and the beautiful sight of light will delight everyone. The lower part of the housing is finished with powder-coated panels and the whole thing is off the charts. PATIO will make your garden, terrace or balcony unique. Everyone who visits you will be captivated by the beauty and warmth of PATIO! Your beloved spots will be the envy of your guests! USABILITY Fire in a second? PATIO makes it possible! One click is enough to enjoy the warmth and the view of the fire. Importantly, you can adjust and extinguish the flame at any time. PATIO is virtually maintenance-free – you just need to set it in the desired location. The unit has adjustable legs for convenient setting of the stove. You can also forget about cleaning the windows – the fire won’t smoke them, so you’ll always enjoy an uninterrupted view of the fire. ECO-FRIENDLY AND SAVER-FREE Focus on ecology! When you buy our heater, you care for the natural environment. You are not contributing to smog. The heater burns clean fuel – gas from the cylinder (propane-butane or pure propane). We also look after your money. PATIO is extremely economical – it can run at full power, continuously for up to 30 hours. 100% SAFE Trust us, as do more than 1 000 000 users worldwide! Put your trust in a proven manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. Don’t be fooled by unknown companies… Innovative solutions and rigorous quality control mean that with PATIO we give you what matters most in life – peace of mind and security. A tilting valve, a thermocouple sensor or a specially designed controller ensure trouble-free operation. And you don’t have to worry about a thing…The gas balloon is not included in the price!

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