Infrared heating solutions

HS-AL local heating panels

HS-AL radiators are made of high quality aluminium profile and glass. Available in four sizes to suit different capacities, they are suitable for rooms from 6 to 22 square metres. Compact size – can be ceiling or high wall mounted. Aluminium radiators can be installed whatever the size of the room. Contemporary design – fits into any interior.


Monthly payment from 8 / 24 months
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Easy to install – HS-AL heating panels are easy to mount on ceilings and walls. Due to the installation height (over 1.8 m), the radiators do not take up any space in the room and are not accessible to small children. The product does not come with a power cable or thermostat.

Effective radiation angle – The heat flux from the radiators is directed downwards into the room and reaches floor surfaces and other objects without loss, which in turn release heat into the air.Model range.3 Dimensions (mm): 795x145x28 Weight (kg): 2,3 Heatable area (m2): 5-8HS800ALRated power (W): 800 Rated voltage (V): 220 – 230 ~ Current (A): 3,6 Dimensions (mm): 1045x145x28 Weight (kg): 2,5 Heatable area (m2): 8-12HS1000ALRated power (W): 1000 Rated voltage (V): 220 – 230 ~ Current (A): 4,6 Dimensions (mm): 1385x145x28 Weight (kg): 3,5 Heated area (m2): 11-16HS1000ALRated power (W): 1500 Rated voltage (V): 220 – 230 ~ Current (A): 6,8 Dimensions (mm): 1785x145x28 Weight (kg): 4,8 Heated area (m2): 16-22


500, 800, 1000

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