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SC-Plus space heating panels

Smart Infrared Space Heater – SC-PlusThe stylish and innovative Sundirect Space Heating Series is specially designed for heating large spaces and shaded outdoor areas (e.g. reception areas, shops, hotels, churches, restaurants, bars, public halls, courtyards, terraces, etc.).

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Due to its high surface temperature, infrared radiation is more effective and can reach up to 4m away, heating rooms very quickly. It takes less than 5 minutes to reach the maximum surface temperature. Its high-temperature iron chrome-aluminium emitter operates at a surface temperature of 300°C. The SC-Plus series emits no light, is maintenance-free and is an ideal solution for replacing quartz and halogen heaters. The SC-Plus is equipped with a built-in thermostat receiver on the back of the heater and can be wirelessly controlled by Sundirect’s smart thermostats, including Smart1.0, Smart1.0Pro and SmartPlug. The SC-Plus models’ bypass function allows you to connect them to any smart heating control system without hassle. Features .

Technical info:Model:SC-Plus series Aluminium surface Aluminium back Aluminium Colour:Black Heating technology:Nanotechnology heating element Power supply:220-240V, 50-60Hz IP rating:IP 44 Protection class:I Connector:Schuko plug with 1.8 cable Certifications:CE/GS/ROHS/REACH/SAA Warranty 3-year product warranty


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