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Hybrid-PRO infrared heating panel

The Hybrid-Pro series is a hybrid-designed infrared panel heater that combines infrared heating with convection heating for both faster heat-up times and higher power density. Our innovative Convection Boost design within the panel allows Sundirect to deliver approximately 35% higher convection rates compared to competing hybrid infrared heaters.



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With a higher power density compared to conventional infrared panels, it heats up a room faster, so it’s the ideal solution for rooms where you need to save time on heating. The Hybrid-Pro has a built-in Wifi control panel on the back of the panel, which allows the box to manually set the temperature, while the Sundirect Smart app lets you control your Sundirect infrared heater in a smarter way from your mobile phone, such as remotely turning the panel on or off, setting the timer and 7-day program, and so on. No additional thermostat is needed for the Hybrid-Pro model. Our Hybrid-Pro heating panel is also voice-controllable via Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Hybrid-Pro is suitable for both wall-mounting and foot-mounting.Hybrid500-Pro and Hybrid1000-Pro are designed to be mounted horizontally and come with separate feet.Hybrid750-Pro is designed to be mounted vertically and comes with wheels.

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500, 750, 1000

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