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Infrared heating panel IC-Plus MUST panel (ceiling/wall mounted)

The IC900-Plus-Black is a wireless controlled infrared panel heater. This bezel-less panel heater has a special black coating that allows you to write on it in chalk. You can easily clean it with a wet cloth. Our panel heater is a great design choice for use in the kitchen or office, combining cosy warmth with functionality.


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The Sundirect IC-Plus series has a built-in thermostat receiver on the back of the panel that communicates with our smart heating control systems – Smart1.0/ Smart1.0 Pro/ SmartPlug. The combination is fully compliant with the EU ErP Regulation (Eco Design Directive). We also offer a bypass mode on our receiver, allowing you to connect to your management systems where possible. This frameless heating panel comes with our Easy-Fit installation solution, ensuring easy and secure installation on walls and ceilings using its unique crown moulding. No additional accessories are required to fix the panel to the wall or ceiling. Equipped with a built-in thermostat receiver, it can communicate with smart heating control systems. No more need for a box or plug-in receiver for a cleaner, more attractive look. Special panel design ensures even heat distribution across the panel surface to the edges. This makes it one of the most efficient frameless infrared heating panels on the market. This infrared heating panel has a silicon wire heating element with a heat resistance of up to 200°C for increased durability. The heating element is highly insulated, making it very safe. The IC series infrared heating panel is insulated with three layers of high temperature fibreglass to ensure minimum heat loss to the backside. The polished steel reflector optimises heating performance by reflecting infrared rays only forward. The layers of this infrared heater are connected with rivets for maximum safety. The IC-Plus series has a protection class of IP44 and is suitable for use in humid environments.All controls are covered by a 2-year warranty and the panels by a 5-year warranty.


  • Premium frameless design
  • Powder coated steel surface
  • Easy-Fit mounting solution
  • Built-in thermostat receiver
  • CE/GS/SAA/ErP/RED certification
  • Built-in thermostat receiver


Product FeaturesBuilt-in receiver for cordless thermostat– Product code: IC900-Plus-black – Dimensions: 68×123 cm – Power: 900W; – Warranty: 5a. – Overheat protection: Yes – Weight: 18kg – IP: 44– Cable length: 1.6m – Mounting: wall/mounting bracketincluded!– One remote control can also control several panels at the same time if they are located in the same room.Heating area: 9-18m2 SunDirectEE logo transp1

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