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IC700-Plus infrared heating panel with picture


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Send the image file to info@heasoojus.eeYou can choose an image from the image bank or send us your own image file (min. 5MB). From the image bank, send us the number of the image file you have chosen.Product descriptionPreemium infrared heating panel with elegant design. The panel is frameless and has smooth corners. Double insulation is used on the rear side to achieve even lower heat loss. It comes with a unique mounting frame that makes it even easier to mount the panel on the ceiling or on the wall than before. Of course, there is a built-in thermostat receiver that is compatible with the Smart wireless thermostat. All this makes the IC-Plus heating panel very easy to use.infrakyte– Energy saving – Environmentally friendly – Safe and comfortable – Maintenance free – Resistant to moisture and mould – Does not burn oxygen – Energy efficient – Does not dry the air and does not cause dust to circulate (suitable for allergy sufferers) – Slim design, saves space
Built-in receiver.Product features– Product code: IC700-Plus – Dimensions: 62×98 cm – Power: 700W; – Warranty: 5a. – Overheating protection: Yes – Weight: 13.8kg – IP: 44– Cable length: 1.6m – Mounting: wall-mounted – It is also possible to control several panels simultaneously with one remote control if they are located in the same room.Heating area: 7-14m2 Sundirect Logo scaled e1623768775693

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