Infrared heating solutions

Mirror infrared heating panel MD-Plus

Sundirect infrared mirrors are suitable for bathrooms as they have a protection class of IP44. They do not go foggy when used as a heater and a mirror at the same time.Functions

  • High quality safety glass mirror surface.
  • Easy-Fit crown block for wall mounting
  • Built-in thermostat receiver
  • Wireless control with Sundirect smart thermostat
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Monthly payment from 11 / 36 months
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This infrared mirror heater has a silicon wire heating element with a heat resistance of up to 200°C for increased durability. The heating element is highly insulated, making it very safe. The MD-series infrared heating panel is insulated with two layers of high-temperature fibreglass to ensure minimum heat loss to the rear. The polished steel reflector optimises heating performance by reflecting infrared rays forward. The MD-Plus series is supplied with our Easy-Fit installation solution for easy and secure installation. The Sundirect MD-Plus series has a built-in thermostat receiver on the back of the panel that communicates with our smart heating control systems – Smart1.0/ Smart1.0 Pro/ SmartPlug. The combination is fully compliant with the EU ErP Regulation (Eco Design Directive). We also offer a bypass mode on our receiver, allowing you to connect to your building management systems where possible.

Technical specifications: Yes Transmit frequency 433MHz, RF connection Power supply: 220-240V, 50-60Hz IP rating: IP 44 Protection class: I Plug: Schuko plug with 1.8 cable Certifications: CE/GS/ROHS/REACH/SAA Warranty: 5 years for panel, 2 years for thermostat and receiver Warranty.


300, 450, 650

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